Deployment of GPON in Jamaica.

Telelynx based in Taiwan delivers an FTTH system based on GPON to Mars Cable based in Jamaica.  This GPON system is designed to support triple play, including Internet, digital cable TV, and WiFi.
This system can offer an average downstream speed of nearly 75 mbps, and upstream of 30 mbps, using a split ratio of 32 and full loading.  Two kinds of ONT are used in this project.  Model TOT-3401W offers 4 GE ports, one CATV port, and WiFi for those subscribers who purchase both CATV and Internet services.  However, for those who are only interested in Internet service, the low-cost Model TOT-3100W with one GE port and WiFi can meet the market demand.

Please email to for a design guide for GPON or GEPON.