The main advantage of Telelynx’s PushVOD solution is to solve the problem of limited operators’ resources. Operators can use the existing DVB/T2/S2/C1 system network to provide video program delivery services, compared to the transformation of the company into OTT or IPTV operation. The cost of PushVOD is much lower than the two above. PushVOD is a cost-effective option for operators to invest.

Our Happy Customers

“ Telelynx designs and set up the end-to-end digital cable headend for us.

Some of our signals are IP from US, and most are from satellite.

Telelynx finishes the job with very high CP value.”

Mr. WilliamsPresident of Cable Operator in Okinawa

“ We have more than 200,000 of subscribers in the area of our footprint.

Telelynx supplies us with high-quality digital cable box with very low failure rate.”

Mr. AgawalCEO of Cable Operator in India

“ Appreciation of Telelynx’s valuable contribution to the completion of a successful DVB-T2 project.

This project is an enduring example of successful collaboration between Telelynx and us.”

Mr. DarwishManaging Director of T2 Operator in Eastern Africa

“ We appreciate Telelynx for deploying a turn-key, digital terrestrial pay TV system in our capital city, covering an area of 50 Km in diameter.

This system runs smoothly without our daily care; it also allows us to offer HD TV with PVR service to our subscribers.”

Mr. EltayiTechnical Director in MMDS Operator in Eastern Africa